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The fact that hackers get paid for breaking security is truly amazing. It’s amazing how much they manage to earn just by pressing some keys on their mechanical keyboard. Wearing a black hoodie and a Guy Fawkes mask are iconic hacker styles. Hackers are introverts and are antisocial and love spending time alone. Everyone with Kali Linux installed can hack. Hacking is an easy way to make money.

Hackers are often portrayed in this way by the average person. However, deep down, this is not the case. All hackers are not introverts. They are also…

Tor makes it possible for users to hide their locations while offering various kinds of services, such as web publishing or an instant messaging server.


We live in the era of information where anyone who has access to the Internet has all the information in the world at their fingertips. While the internet has extended the possibility to share information, it has also caused many users and Government Agencies to worry about their own private information, including their browsing activities and sensitive data, which can be viewed without their permission and knowledge. With increasing concerns about privacy and security, internet…

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Due to the evolution of cloud computing, it has become a necessity to access remote machines these days. Most of us access our cloud instances every day, whether for business or personal purposes. We can barely imagine what it would be like if we couldn’t control cloud instances from our local machine.

“While attending school in Helsinki, I discovered a password ‘sniffer’ attack in our university network.

To shield our data, I wrote a program to protect information as it moved from point to point throughout the network. I called it the ‘secure shell’, or SSH for short.” -Tatu Ylönen


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When we create a variables, two things are always attached with variable their data type and storage class. Storage class decides the lifetime and scope or visibility of the variable in the program.

When we define a variable, it gets some physical area in memory where it’s value is stored. Memory and registers are two types of memory locations where a value of a variable can be stored. Storage class decides where a variable is going to stored i.e. either in memory or in registers.

Storage Class Types

We have four types of storage class.


Auto stands for automatic storage…

While learning C/C++, you may have run over the term ‘Pointers’, and frequently heard that it is an idea difficult to comprehend. Pointers are very useful and powerful concept of C/C++ and, it isn’t that hard to comprehend. This article will introduce you with the real power of pointers in C.

Introduction To Pointer

A pointer is a variable that contains a memory address of another variable. A pointer variable is declared to some types like other variable, so that it will work only with data of given type. Just as integer variable can hold integer data only, pointer variable can point to…

I assume that you have basic knowledge about pointers and computer memory.

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According to Wikipedia,

Memory management is a form of resources management applied to computer memory. The essential requirement of memory management is to provide ways to dynamically allocate portions of memory to programs at their request, and free it for reuse when no longer needed. This is critical to any advanced computer system where more than a single process might be underway at any time.

There are two places where data gets stored.

  1. Stack: A stack is a area of computer’s memory which stores variables created by a…


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